Program Building with Mike Powell

Join Jeff Marsh on The Business of Wrestling as he explores acclaimed coach Mike Powell’s transformative journey from Oak Park River Forest to leading Beat the Street Chicago, uncovering insights on program building, coaching philosophy, challenges, and strategies that have shaped and elevated wrestling programs across Chicago, impacting the lives of numerous young athletes.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • 0:01 Introduction – Jeff Marsh introduces Mike Powell, discussing his impactful work in building wrestling programs across Chicago.
  •  3:01 Learning and Mentorship – Mike discusses his learning curve as a coach, citing experiences with mentor figures and their influence on his coaching style.
  • 7:53 The Philosophy of Coaching – Mike touches on the debate of specialization, emphasizing the impact of a focused approach in youth athletics.
  • 15:17 The Approach to Winning – A discussion on the evolving coaching mindset, moving away from a sole focus on winning and shifting towards holistic growth and development.
  • 18:53 Program Building and Infrastructure – Discussing the importance of infrastructure and culture in program building, touching on education resources for coaches.
  • 20:22 Cultural Elements – Creating a room culture that demanded intense focus, continuous learning, and discipline, where coaches and wrestlers were held accountable for their actions.
  • 28:34 Lessons Beyond the Mat – Incorporating life lessons into the wrestling program, discussing grades, respecting women, and instilling the belief that they do things better than others.
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“The key is to be prepared. We won a lot of matches that we weren't supposed to win in the postseason because our kids believed they were walking in better prepared. ”
Mike Powell
Writer, Developer & Coach

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