How To Increase Club Revenue With Easy To Run Summer Camps

Key Moments

1:00 How Jeff got started with running camps and why you don’t need to be running elite clinician camps to change your business.

05:45 Overview of camp types: overnight, multi-day commuter, day camps, and guest clinician camps.

16:00 Why parents of kids 9 and under are the best camp customers and the foundation of a solid club business.

18:30 The best marketing? Be genuinely helpful to your local coaches.

22:36 Breakdown of The Wrestling Coach Academy camp revenue by camp type. How to think about pricing (hint, it’s not by comparing to other wrestling camps).

26:00 Planning your camp: compliance, insurance, and liability.

36:10 WrestlingIQ demo. Setting up a camp, preview of the new checkout experience, how it looks on the backend after someone registers, and how to communicate with registrants.

47:25 Communication, before, during, and after camp.

Resources mentioned in the video

Common Insurance Carriers for Wrestling Camps