Easy Camp Registration and Attendance with WrestlingIQ

Key Moments

0:00 Intro

0:56 Create a camp registration

3:12 Setting up payment options

4:13 Sibling discounts

5:03 Writing an effective, automated, welcome email for camp registrants

8:47 Duplicating a camp

9:47 Roster and message group automations

10:45 Mid camp updates for parents

12:20 Add your camp to the calendar

13:33 Promote the camp!

15:25 Taking attendance

16:48 Reports

18:47 Closing: Why camps are a great revenue opportunity

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Webinar: Easy Camp Registration and Attendance

[00:00:00] Jeff: 


[00:00:00] Jeff: Hey everyone welcome back to the WrestlingIQ webinar series through our WrestlingIQ Academy. This is our third webinar in the, in the series, and our goal today is to cover how to easily use your existing WrestlingIQ software to create camps, pop-up camps through all of your registrations, attendance and billing for your summer camps as well as we'll conclude with how to pull reports on your camps revenue so you can more easily, track your profit and loss for each individual camp. So far I've personally billed about 60 to 80 thou, I think probably that $80,000 now through WrestlingIQ for my camp system. Through my academy. I have a friend who's billed over a hundred thousand dollars through WrestlingIQ for his camps. and that's only in two years of using the software. So it's super seamless in operation as far as attendance, et cetera. And so I think we're gonna start with how to set up a camp registration. And I'll hand it over to Matt for that. 

Creating a camp

[00:00:56] Matt: Thank you, Jeff. Let's get [00:01:00] into. The weeds of it. So creating camp registration, this is where I'm gonna show you how to pull the levers and actually create it in WrestlingIQ.

[00:01:10] So if you are familiar with WrestlingIQ, this should look pretty familiar to you. I'll show you some advanced tips, and if you're new, this will be a great look into the software as well. So to start off, When you're in WrestlingIQ as an admin, there's a payment dashboard here. If you head over to registrations, this is where camps will be run from.

[00:01:32] And for this time, we're gonna create a camp from scratch. So I'm gonna create a session over here and I'm gonna name it.

[00:01:46] 2023 summer camp. I'm gonna do a demo of two weeks of camps, and we're gonna split the weeks up into separate registrations so you can see how to effectively use WrestlingIQ automations. I know Jeff does this with some of his bigger camps where they're [00:02:00] split weeks, so you don't wanna send the same message, the same information to both groups.

[00:02:04] So that's where we're gonna demonstrate here. If you've only got one week, you only need one week, and that's easier.

[00:02:16] Let's say what are dates? Let's do a June 5th to ninth, and it's a good practice to put the name of the date in the name up here too, as parents will see this when they're selecting their registration. I am gonna select one time session here for camps. This is so that with camps, it's somewhat of a guest checkout experience.

[00:02:44] So if you're the parent registering, if you're already part of the club, it's gonna skip a bunch of stuff, prefill a bunch of information. It'll be quicker. If you're not part of the team, I should say, not camp, it'll give you a guest checkout. They don't have to set up a password as much, but [00:03:00] it's still very seamless and quick for them to get.

[00:03:05] Let's do one payment option three hundred. 

Setting up payment options

[00:03:12] Jeff: Matt would we would we actually be able to do two payment options just to show them how that can function here as well? So you can have both an upfront option and then you can obviously have a, a subscription option as well. Multiple payments. 

[00:03:24] Matt: Yeah, let's do a demo of installments. This might be a situation where you're like taking a deposit early, but then you don't charge until the week before.

[00:03:35] So in this case, I would set my first installment to today so that the parents registering have to pay this amount right then, no matter when they're registering now or in the future. And we'll do a second installment on. Close to, let's do it the Friday before camp starts, so you know whether their payments are succeeded or failed and you're all good.

[00:03:59] Even if someone [00:04:00] signs up in June 5th, if they're past the second install date, they'll have to pay for both installments at once. So effectively, you don't have to manage this after it's out there either. 

[00:04:10] Jeff: You wanna talk briefly about sibling discount there too?

Sibling Discounts

[00:04:13] Matt: Yeah, sure. So sibling discounts pretty easy.

[00:04:17] You can add a. Just type in your number, whatever your percentage is to each one with installments. The only tricky thing to remember is that installments apply the sibling discount to each payment, so you'd effectively do, in this case, I do half of my sibling discount for each one so that they get 25 off each payment they do to total the $50 something.

[00:04:44] Other things here, registration's open. If you have a capacity limit, you can turn this on to close it at 50, a hundred wrestlers. Whatever you're at roster, make sure this is checked and welcome email. Highly recommend you include things like [00:05:00] where is it, where it's at, what time it is. 

Writing an effective, automated, welcome email for camp registrants

[00:05:03] Jeff: Do you want to jump over?

[00:05:04] I can share that real quick on my Vermont camp. 

[00:05:07] Matt: Yeah, let's do that.

[00:05:19] Jeff: So what I've found is the welcome email to eliminate almost 100% of post registration questions. And that's through maybe five or six years of best practice with this and only the last two, as I said, with wrestling iq. So when you go to my Vermont Camp registration I. Have linked to our parent handbook, which answers all of our faq.

[00:05:42] I send this as well in a follow up email. It's got our packing list, our 10 area right, and, and I'm happy to share this as a resource. Just email me directly jeff@wrestlingiq.com and I can, I can show you that link doc try and get in it real quick. Matt, how do I get to that link? 

[00:05:59] Matt: If you [00:06:00] there.

[00:06:02] There you go. Nice. 

[00:06:04] Jeff: Again, so this is, this is really my, my welcome email is relatively short because I'm directing them to this camp. Overview, camp dates, lodging safety meals backing list drop off, pick up information if they're sick. Right. Again, it's all the FAQ questions you get. We're outdoors, so ticks and then direct contact information for emergencies.

[00:06:25] What to bring a checklist. And then a sample itinerary. This is 95% of the questions you're gonna get from a parent. And so this just automates your follow up process. And again, it's part of welcome to Vermont Camp. Congratulations. As camp gets closer, we're gonna email medical form. For recent medical information, there's a window that we have to do that within for, for state law.

[00:06:45] And so then just basic travel planning information, and then contact me at the business line for questions. Again, you can do a lot with your with your automated registration emails.

[00:06:59] Matt: [00:07:00] Thanks, Jeff. That was great. That's a lot of information in that packet 

[00:07:03] Jeff: lot. Yeah. Years of adding things to eliminate questions. 

Customize registration questions for camps

[00:07:09] Matt: All right, so I'm gonna leave that blank for this one, but do fill that out on your end. The other thing I will say as an advanced tip here is these properties for camps are customizable.

[00:07:23] So this will inherit from whatever you've set up in WrestlingIQ IQ as your standard questionnaire from your normal team membership or registrations. But you can certainly remove something. So in this case, I probably don't, maybe I don't care about an address. I want a survey. I can add specific new questions for the camp if I want, but in general you wanna take away probably more so than add to it for camps.

[00:07:53] Jeff: However, the one use case where you might add information is what I, my intention is to go into our private properties for [00:08:00] Vermont Camp registration and to add the medical questions that I need to get, and then I'll push that to the parents after July one so that they can update that information. And then we'll have it.

[00:08:11] So that is a situation where in the future I'm gonna add questions cause I gotta get that medical information before they step on campus. 

[00:08:17] Matt: That makes a lot of sense. And you could even. If you needed that information, you might even set up a $0 camp. That's just, is that what you're gonna do called medical and then you send in that link?

[00:08:28] Yeah. Perfect. I haven't fully solved it yet. 

[00:08:29] Jeff: We can talk through that more.

[00:08:30] Matt: Genius. Gear sizes is a good one. I see a lot of people for camps, if you're giving away a free t-shirt, just add a dropdown of all the sizes you have, so you have an accurate count going in pretty quick for parents to fill that.

Duplicating a camp

[00:08:47] Matt: So we've got week one camp here. I'm gonna go ahead shortcut us, us to week two by replicating this camp. So this button here will prefill a bunch of stuff for you based on what you've already filled out. [00:09:00] So in this case, we just need to update a few bits of information rather than needing to do that whole process over again.

[00:09:12] Change this installment date. To that, we're good. If we had a welcome email, it would copy that over as well. And we're good to go there. Alright.

[00:09:28] Next we have, so, Step one, we've created the camp registration. At this point, the registrations are live. I'm gonna talk through some things you might want before then, but you can promote this. We'll get to that in slide three. I'm stepping ahead, review and understand this WrestlingIQ automations. 

Roster and message group automations

[00:09:47] Matt: So with camps, you will now see if we're on the wrestlers tab. These rosters, if I click it, will preload the wrestlers down here. [00:10:00] Same here. This will automatically stay in sync as soon as they're paid. That guest wrestler is gonna be added. So you got a very quick way to see here use on that list.

[00:10:10] We also have messaging, so. When someone registers, they're gonna be added to the appropriate group automatically. You can message them any sort of stuff you need to beforehand. Make sure you sign, sign that medical form. Here's the directions that you forgot anything leading up to or after the camp. This is a great spot to communicate.

[00:10:31] Jeff: Another best practice for your registration email is the parents Getting Started help page link that says how to set, how to get started as a parent on wrestling iq, the iOS app, how to use calendar messaging. 

Mid-Camp updates for parents

[00:10:45] Jeff: Matt, can I jump in real quick on messaging? Yeah. So one way to use messaging effectively for your camps as well is we'll take pictures at camp and we'll send out.

[00:10:55] Google Doc with all of the parent, all of the images that we've taken at camp, and then the [00:11:00] parents can download them selectively. So obviously in our waiver we have a media release to be able to do that. But then the parents have the pictures, they can post 'em to their social media. We don't do a lot of social media ourselves.

[00:11:11] But then parents can share and tag us and, and other families see. It's a positive experience that the kids are having and, and want to go to more camp. And so same we do, I do daily updates. So I'm just gonna pull up my Vermont camp messaging group from last year. I was a little less active than I intended to be.

[00:11:29] I was very active in the beginning as things go. But let's see.

[00:11:40] Matt, keep moving through if you want and I'll, oh, here we go. Okay. I'll do a share. I found it. Okay, so again, just, hi Vermont Adventure Camp. Parents wanna start this group. Message keeping you updated. Yesterday we got, lost our phone, got water logged. Talk about our skills assessment. It's just a summary of the day, right? And then we link to the Google Drive with the folders of the [00:12:00] images so that parents can see what the kids did that day.

[00:12:02] And so overall, parents absolutely love this, right? Just a way to keep them updated about what we did, activities and it's, it's a little more personal and private than just posting it to social media.

[00:12:17] Perfect.

Add your camp to the calendar

[00:12:20] Matt: Thank you, Jeff. So last step here before we move on to the promotion step is to add it to your WrestlingIQ calendar, particularly if you're using the public calendar and WrestlingQ and linking to it on your website. It's a great idea to add it here.

[00:12:52] Put in your times for the camp so people quickly know. I'm gonna repeat this for that [00:13:00] particular week.

[00:13:12] I'm also gonna link this to the appropriate camp. Tag the session to the camp. Fill out the location. There should be a Google Maps link. You can add any notes here as well. That's gonna show up on the calendar. And now once we get into the promotion step, we've got a few things to do. 

Promote the registration!

[00:13:33] Matt: So, When you go to WrestlingIQ under your team settings, you have this url.

[00:13:39] This is, it's gonna show anything you have open automatically. So a lot of times teams will always promote this link or always have this link to their website so that when we pull it up, You'll see that you now have your Summer Camp links here. This team has some memberships and some seasonal things here [00:14:00] too, but in general, your parents will now be able to click the appropriate link to sign up for the camp.

[00:14:07] Similarly, if you are using the WrestlingIQ public schedule, if someone is viewing the schedule and clicks the link here. This is the registration link for the camp because we linked it to that session. So those are the spots to use to make sure you're promoting your registration. It's on the schedule and on this page, and however else you're doing it.

[00:14:29] Social media, sending it to old registrants, however you promote it. These are the right links.

[00:14:41] If you needed to, so a specific link. One thing I'll note here, if you needed to send someone, it's, they're really confused or whatever, you can send them this link directly and that will pop them into that specific registration already. So that's there if you need it. 

[00:14:59] Jeff: Typically what I'll [00:15:00] do with that direct registration link from a best practice perspective is I'll message it to my active members list.

[00:15:05] And so they go straight to that camp, whether it's a President's day camp, MLK day camp, spring break camp, or summer camp. That way I get a quick registration. I know that 80% of my registration's gonna fill up with those members. 

[00:15:19] Matt: Smart. Yeah. Best source for camp people is you're already existing members.

Taking attendance

[00:15:25] Matt: Makes sense. Finally, so if you're taking attendance at your camp, which is a great thing you should do to know year over year, how you're doing in terms of camp attendance, there's two ways. One, on the calendar, if you are logged in as a coach and you tap on one of these events, notice that this roster was linked here.

[00:15:47] So when someone is signed up, their names are gonna show up on the list here. And if they're not on this list, they mean something's wrong. They haven't paid their payment, failed, whatever. I'm gonna take this off so you can see [00:16:00] what this looks like, but once you have your list, you'll be very easy to just quickly check people in as they walk up to the front desk, check in counter, whatever.

[00:16:11] You're also welcome to use the WrestlingIQ kiosk. I'll link to that in the notes here on the blog post, but probably won't show that here. That's, that's helpful. Also, if you have a volunteer, you can get them set up at the kiosk without them needing a full-blown coach login for attendance. That'd be the situation to use that.

[00:16:31] Jeff: Remember as well, you've got your practice planner there too. So for me, that has somebody, other people, the coaching camps that aren't me, but I prescribe the, the sessions for the camps right. I can put together the practice plan. So now my, my assistant coaches can just run the camp off of that plan.


[00:16:48] Matt: Absolutely. Finally, financial reporting. So, A few things to note. There is this payment dashboard, which is basically just a feed of your payments, [00:17:00] so if you're checking day to day, you'll be able to see them as they come in here. There's also several reports in here specifically for camps. You are going to want to pull registration q and a.

[00:17:15] For pulling down that information that they've sent in for during signup that could be useful to have on hand, on paper for medical information, whatever you've got on site. So run that before you get there and your paid session accounting report can be useful for that as well. 

[00:17:34] Jeff: Do we wanna look at one of mine real quick so we have real data?

[00:17:37] Yeah, we can do that.

[00:17:43] Okay, we've got about one minute left in our webinar, so I wanna make sure we touch on this quick. Trying to keep this webinar to a certain length of time for everyone. So I will go down to reports and I'm not the best at pulling reports, so this is real time learning with Matt teaching. So I want to go down to registration [00:18:00] reports, correct 

[00:18:00] Matt: Matt?

[00:18:01] Yeah, I'd pull the paid session accounting. 

[00:18:03] Jeff: Looks like a camp from last year.

[00:18:13] Now I can get this information over to my accountant who has on my expense side, and she can give me a real p and l for this camp, right? And so this gives me all the data I need as far as registration. I can export this download it as a CSV file. She can upload it, shows me the scholarships that I've given.

[00:18:30] So then I can do fundraising around my scholarship total and get those scholarships properly funded. And overall just gives me a good idea of the financial health of the camp. Super easy to do. 

[00:18:43] Matt: All right. Any other last words of wisdom, Jeff, before we... 

Camps are a great revenue opportunity!

[00:18:47] Jeff: No, I think one thing that I'd like to leave everybody with I see a lot, I'm very fortunate, I have a full-time, I'm a full-time coach right.

[00:18:54] And part-time at WrestlingIQ, and I. Have the flexibility to do camps. [00:19:00] There's huge demand for holiday camps when kids are outta school. I see Mike Zeki, the Wrestling Factory in Cleveland, doing this very, very well. Right. But I'm able to generate 30 to 40% of my annual revenue through camps. Right.

[00:19:13] That's a significant increase that makes it viable. As a business. I already have the. And so it's not any additional cost for facility for the most part unless you're booking mat time somewhere. But you know, just a great opportunity for the private clubs and the town programs as well and the nonprofit clubs to one, generate more revenue and two, more importantly, get the kids on the map where they're consistently building progress, right?

[00:19:36] Camp's the best place to get better. So glad that Matt has created software that makes it super easy to, to manage my. 

[00:19:44] Matt: All right. Well thanks everybody and we'll, we'll be back again soon, I expect with more webinars. 

[00:19:51] Jeff: All right, and that we're out with the WrestlingIQ Academy. Bye.[00:20:00]