Starting a wrestling club: Level 1

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Course Description

A level 1 private club is one that may have a handful of wrestlers and an area to get on some mats, but has yet to develop foundational business infrastructure, often coaches underestimate the liability risk they are taking on when starting a club and miss many of the key foundational parts of the business. This course is designed to help the great coach, get started with the foundation for a great business. This course includes training on; legal and business infrastructure including why you need an LLC, choosing your bank account and the right types of bank account for your club, better securing your facility with an MOU or License Agreement and what type of space is best for startup clubs, operating agreements and insurance options for level 1 clubs. In part 2 of this course we will cover basic financial systems, getting your first 1-30 students, and setting up your online front door; basic internet marketing and a strong web presence. We will touch on your fundamental web presence – google business listing, a clean website with basic SEO and some important tips for lead conversion, instagram presence, and youtube account, and setting up your internal business infrastructure on Google Business.


This course is for new private wrestling club owners up to those billing less than $2,500 a month in recurring revenue.


Many wrestling club owners are excellent coaches but have limited small business experience. They often are unaware they are exposing themselves to untold liability as well as extreme financial risk. You will leave this course feeling confident in your business’s base.

Key Concepts