Building your wrestling program: How to recruit non-wrestlers to join your team with Jacque Davis

In this episode, former Beat the Streets NYC head coach Jacque Davis shares her insightful strategies for building recruiting new wrestlers to come out for your program. She worked with over 100+ wrestling sites and helped start 35+ new teams from no wrestlers to full teams. Learn her strategy from the ground up,  emphasizing inclusivity and engagement. From innovative gym class takeovers to creative games that introduce the sport in a way that makes it interesting for non-wrestlers, Jacque’s expertise offers a comprehensive guide for recruiting and retaining athletes in both boys’ and girls’ wrestling programs.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • 0:01 Introduction and background of Jacque Davis and her involvement in women’s wrestling.
  •  5:00 Jacque’s journey from California to New York, and her introduction to Beat the Streets program.
  • 9:00 Strategies for recruiting and growing wrestling programs, with a focus on quantity over quality.
  • 13:00 Approaches to organizing gym class takeovers and getting kids involved in wrestling, including adapting to different environments.
  • 19:00 Details on the content and structure of gym class takeovers, teaching basic wrestling concepts, and introducing games to engage participants.
  • 24:00 The importance of building confidence and bravery in participants during early exposure to wrestling.
  • 27:00 Creative approaches to teaching wrestling moves in reverse, emphasizing key techniques in a fun and engaging way.

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Do you know how brave it is to put your body underneath someone else's body? Like if you've like never had done contact like that, that's brave as heck, man. That's brave as heck.
Jacque Davis
Wrestling Program Development

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